About Us

The page has information about our Building & Zoning Department. 

Uwchlan Township enforces the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), and is considered an "Opt-In" Municipality with Amendments to the UCC. 

Currently, the 2018 International Construction Codes are adopted. For information regarding locally adopted additions and deletions to the Code, please contact us. 

  1. Tara Giordano

    Building & Zoning Official

    Zoning, Planning, Subdivision & Land Development

  1. Beth McDonald

    Permit Coordinator

    Permit Application & Fee Questions and Statuses, Contractor Registrations.

  1. Michael Holmes

    Fire Marshal

    Commercial Construction Questions, Commercial U&O’s, Fire Marshal Activities & Emergency Management.

  1. Lee Ruth

    Residential Building Inspector

    Residential Construction Questions, Residential Resale U&O’s, Rental U&O’s

  1. Michael Lam

    Fire Inspector

Township Zoning Map

Township Zoning Map