Summer 2022 Edition


Now Accepting Applications  for the Uwchlan Township Police Department's Citizen Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is a revolutionary concept in law enforcement and community policing. As part of our continuing mission to work in partnership with our community and to serve all people, the Uwchlan Township Police Department has designed a Citizens Police Academy that will enable citizens to have a better understanding of the operations of the Police Department and its Officers. In addition, citizens will develop a greater awareness of the challenges and decisions faced by Uwchlan Township Police Officers on a daily basis.

Academy participants will attend one night per week (Tuesday) for approximately two hours per night for a period of 12 weeks. The 2022 Citizens Police Academy will begin on Tuesday, September 06, 2022, at 7:00 pm. The participants will meet at the Uwchlan Township Police Department, located at 717 North Ship Road, Exton, PA 19341.

Topics will include:

  • Police Patrol 
  • Criminal Investigations
  • CPR and First Aid
  • The Court System
  • Traffic Enforcement/Accident Investigation and Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement
  • Community Policing
  • 911 Operations Center
  • Drug Law Enforcement
  •  K-9 Demonstration
  • Montgomery County Bomb Squad Demonstration
  • Chester County Coroner's Office Presentation
  • West Chester Emergency Response Team Demonstration
  • Chester County Public Safety Training Center Interactive Tour

Requirements for participation and completion of the Citizens Police Academy

Applicants must be 18 years of age Applicants must submit an application by August 10, 2022. Applicants will be subject to a complete background check (criminal history/driving history). Applicants will be required to sign a waiver of liability agreement. A $20.00 non-refundable processing fee is due at the time the application is submitted only if the applicant is completing the CPR/First Aid certification. For more information or to receive an application, contact Lieutenant Maureen P. Evans of the Uwchlan Township Police Department at (610) 363-6947 extension #136 or by email:

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New Educational Sign at the Heart of Uwchlan Wetland Garden

An educational sign was put up at the Heart of Uwchlan Project’s Wetland Garden in Baird Park at the recent Spring into Summer Open House. The sign explains the native plantings that meet the special requirements of this unusually damp area. It also recognizes the support received in grants from the Harriet Jarosh Environmental Educational Fund and the Gorkin family to create the garden.

The Harriett Jarosh Environmental Education Fund was created through a bequest to the West Chester/Chester County branch of the American Association of University Women from the family of Harriet Jarosh. She was an avid supporter of environmental education. The funds are used to support environmental programs that benefit students and families in Chester County.

The Heart of Uwchlan Project was started in 2019 to introduce native plants and environmental diversity to the Township’s Baird Park and to educate the public on using native plants and sustainable gardening practices. Heart of Uwchlan volunteers have now planted three gardens as examples for the public to see what they can do in their own gardens. The Milkweed Garden is a Monarch Butterfly Waystation to attract monarch butterflies, feed their caterpillars, and support beneficial pollinator insects. The Streamside Garden below the ponds in the park provides an example of plants that can be used in a riparian border to support stream health and beneficial insects. The Wetland Garden shows native plants which are specially suited to growing in wet areas of the type many of our citizens are experiencing with increasing storms.

The plants in all three gardens were grown from seeds sown in plastic jugs for overwinter stratification each of the last several years. The Heart of Uwchlan Project grew out of the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist program; the volunteers include members of the Uwchlan Township Environmental Advisory Council and several Master Watershed Stewards. More detailed information is available on the Uwchlan Township website through links from the Environmental Advisory Council’s page. Contact us at the link on the EAC page if you want more information, are interested in volunteering, or would like someone to speak to your group.

Wetland Garden Sign 2

Toni Gorkin, Project Lead of Heart of Uwchlan project, with Wetland Garden Educational Sign

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Make Your Home A "Bite-Free" Zone this Summer

Summer is here, and with the warmer temperatures, water ice, and pool fun also comes mosquitoes. Read the tips below from the Chester County Health Department on ways to help keep your property a "bite-free" zone this summer.

Residents should inspect their yards and spend time cleaning up, reducing yard clutter, and dumping out any sources of stagnant water. Residents may also purchase a variety of mosquito control and repellent products from most home and garden centers. Performing a community-wide cleanup helps reduce mosquito populations. Municipalities are encouraged to help promote cleaning up to reduce mosquito concerns and disease risk. Stormwater management systems can sometimes contribute to mosquito populations and are monitored by CCHD's Mosquito-Borne Disease Control Program.


Many of the most common mosquito species in residential areas come from artificial containers left behind by people. Artificial containers can be as small as a bottle cap and as large as a swimming pool. Additional containers such as tires, buckets, and tarps are preferred by mosquitoes because other predators found in nature that would prey on mosquito larvae are not present. During periods of drought, these containers continue to hold water and produce mosquitoes. One bucket or tire in someone's backyard can produce hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes in a year. 

Mosquitoes can complete their life cycle within five to seven days during May - October. Residents are encouraged to use mosquito repellents when spending time outside. Individuals who do not like repellents can use an electric fan outdoors on a porch or patio. Mosquitoes are very weak fliers, and even the slight breeze generated by a fan is enough to deter them. As a last resort, residents can also purchase insecticides from garden centers and hardware stores to apply in their own yard but need to be sure to follow the label instructions

Chester County residents can visit CCHD's Mosquito-Borne Disease website for additional information. They can also call CCHD's Mosquito-Borne Disease Control Program at 610-344-6752. CCHD attempts to educate residents about the importance of cleaning up and eliminating mosquito habitats. Individuals can also report mosquito issues to CCHD by Clicking Here.

Help Name the New Township Excavator


Earlier this year, the Township commissioned a new excavator for the Public Works Department. It has quickly been put to work with stormwater and road improvement projects throughout the Township, but there is a problem. It does not have a name! The Township is holding a naming contest for our new excavator. Click the picture above to submit your entry. Finalists will be selected, and a public vote to choose the winning name will be held later this year.


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Grilling Safety Tips from the NFPA

Did you know that every year, approximately 9,500 people suffer burns from the use of a grill or grill-related fires? Aproximately 10,600 home fires are started by grills each year, with the summer being the peak season for grill related fires. Knowing how to safely use your grill can keep you and your home safe. Click Here for more tips from the National Fire Protection Association and happy grilling! 

Grilling Infographic2020BIG

Land Development and Zoning Update

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Severgn ApartmentsSevergn DriveConstruction of two 12-unit apartment buildings.
Eagleview Town Center Apartments on the SquareWellington Square- EagleviewConstruction of 44 apartments units.
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Eagleview Lot 58Lot 58Construction of a 50,000 sqft office building. 
J Loew & Associates151 Sheree Blvd.Construction of a 37,938 SF flex building. 
Turnpike Interchange Former Vanguard PropertyConstruction of 3 distribution warehouse buildings consisting of 1,928,880 sqft total and recreational park.
Eagleview Town Center IIConstitution Dr.Construction of 354 apartment units in multiple buildings and a 40,749 sqft office building. 

Outdoor Fire Pits

Portable outdoor fireplaces are widely used during the summer months as both a gathering place for friends and family and, more importantly, for the making of s'mores. Residents are reminded that using fire pits is for recreation only, with small twigs and logs as fuel; burning of yard waste is not permitted. Residents are reminded to be considerate of their neighbors when using fire pits. If a burning complaint is received and smoke is found to be a nuisance to neighbors, the fire will be ordered to be extinguished. 

Uwchlan Trash & Recycling Program

All trash and recycling must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. on your pickup day regardless of what time the drivers come. It is recommended that you put all trash & recycling out the night before. Please note that trash and recycling should never be placed on the street for pickup.

The cans/bags of household waste must weigh no more than fifty (50) pounds each. Trash should not be dumped loosely into a trash can, as it will spill out if the can falls over. Please make sure to enclose all trash in a sealed bag before placing it into the trash can. Trash containers should also have a lid. When preparing your recycling, please rinse all food and drink containers thoroughly and remember LIDS and Caps are NOT recyclable. Please refer to the acceptable and non-acceptable recyclables list. In addition to the household waste, you are allowed one bulk item each week.

Recycling: When in Doubt Throw it Out

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Summer Safety Tips from the Uwchlan Township Police Department

 With the warmer months upon us, the Uwchlan Township Police Department anticipates increased instances of thefts from vehicles, as well as garage burglaries.  

 Vehicles should be locked at all times.  People wishing to commit thefts from vehicles often travel into suburban areas with large neighborhoods, hoping to find unlocked vehicles which have been left parked in driveways overnight.  This tactic allows for multiple vehicles to be entered during one crime spree, with numerous victims coming out the following morning to find that money and valuables are missing and the occasional vehicle if keys had been left inside.

Garage doors should remain closed when possible.   Garage burglaries are common during the warmer months, as residents tend to leave their garage doors open for extended periods during the day and possibly forget to close them during the overnight hours.  Young people have learned that many homeowners maintain garage refrigerators which tend to be used to store beer and other types of alcohol intended for future events.  Residents will often be unaware that such an incident has occurred, and the timeline for investigation may be days to weeks, depending on how often the refrigerator is used.

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Stay Cool this Summer


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Why You Should Care About Stormwater

When excess water has nowhere to go, flooding can impact property and cause damage to land and structures. Flooding can also be a public safety issue that affects entire communities.

Pollution and Health Impacts
Stormwater picks up anything that is on the ground and carries it along with it. Animal waste, chemicals, pesticides, oil, and sediment – all end up in waterways and potentially in our sources of drinking water.

Streambank Erosion
Uncontrolled stormwater can cause streambank erosion, leaving bare soil and exposing tree roots. This can lead to property damage and cause issues with streambank stability.

Erosion and runoff can also lead to sedimentation. Sedimentation of waterways from runoff causes changes to aquatic habitats. Undesirable plant growth increases and water becomes more turbid or cloudy, which leads to disruption of aquatic ecosystems. Sedimentation also fills in waterways, which can increase the flooding potential.

Impacts to Groundwater Recharge
If stormwater isn't sinking into the ground it can affect the recharge of groundwater resources. This can affect water levels in drinking water wells as well as impacting levels in surface water.

Impacts to Recreational Opportunities
Stormwater runoff can cause polluted waterways which can lead to restrictions on boating, swimming, and fishing in recreational areas.

Credit: Penn State Extension

Click Here for additional stormwater information from the Penn State Extension

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Need a breath of fresh air? We have the park for you! Check out a list of Township owned Parks and their amenities below. To rent a pavilion in one of the Township parks please call 610-363-9450 or email to schedule pavilion use. You must be a Township resident to reserve a park Pavillion. To reserve Lionville Park please contact DASD - 610-269-8460 x628

Park Name
Picnic Tables
217 Bauman Circle

220 Dowlin Forge Rd


Dowlin Forge
405 Shelmire Rd.


Park **
51 Devon Drive / 532 W. Uwchlan Ave
599 Charles Dr / 321P Laurel Moors Dr.

1101 Dowlin Forge Rd
840 Peck Rd



Spring Run
253P Spring Run Lane

499 Wharton Blvd.


340 Wharton Blvd.



Township Interactive Trails Map

Looking for a fun adventure this summer that is close to home? Why not take a hike or ride on one of the many trails Uwchlan Township and Chester County have to offer! The Township has created an interactive map showing the location of all of the trails and sidewalks in Uwchlan Township. See the map below of Click Here to view the map on the Township website. See the graphic above for tips on how to social distance while on Township trails. 

Spotted Lanternfly Management

Spotted Lanternfly Life Cycle


Important Phone Numbers:

AQUA: 610-525-1400

PECO: 215-841-4000

PECO Outage Hotline: 215-841-4141

PENNDOT: 484-340-3200

PENNDOT Maintenance: 484-340-3201

Chester County SPCA: 484-302-0865

Chester County Health Department: 610-344-6225

Contact the Township

Address: 715 N. Ship Road Exton, PA 19341

Phone: (610) 363-9450

Fax:(610) 363-0518


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