Safety Tips

Preventing Theft or Break-ins
The following tips help prevent vehicle break-ins, which could lead to theft of the vehicle itself or of property items
from the vehicle:
  • Park in open, well-lighted, and populated areas near your destination. Avoid parking near trucks, vans, dumpsters, and other objects that obstruct visibility and provide hiding places. Avoid parking near strangers, loitering or sitting in vehicles.
  • Park in lots or garages where you don’t have to leave your keys.
  • Park in your garage, if you have one. Don’t leave your vehicle on the street, in an alley, or on your driveway. If you have to park on a street, avoid dark or isolated areas.
  • Turn off your engine, roll up all windows, lock all doors,and take your keys with you even if you are making a quick stop at a store or gas station, or even in your driveway. Close all windows and lock the trunk and hood.
  • Don’t leave spare keys in your vehicle. An experienced thief knows all the hiding places. Store spare keys in your wallet.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle in an unattended public lot for an extended period time.
  • Buy a vehicle with interior hood and truck lock releases. Install a secondary hood lock if your car does not have one.
  • Replace knob-type door lock buttons with tapered ones.
  • Install an alarm system that will sound when someone attempts to break in, move, tilt, or start your vehicle. Always activate the system when leaving the vehicle.
  • Check your vehicle if you hear the alarm sound. But don’t try to stop a person attempting to break in. Get a good description of the person and call the police.
To Prevent Theft of the Vehicle Itself
  • Turn your wheels sharply toward the curb when parking on a street
  • Use anti-theft devices that can be attached to the steering wheel or column, or brake pedal. Use 1 every time you leave your vehicle unattended. Steering wheel locks are inexpensive and are recommended by some experts to be the most cost-effective theft deterrent on the market today
  • Install fuel or power cut-off switches
  • Consider having your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etched on all the windows
Recovering a Stolen Vehicle or Property Taken from a Vehicle
  • Call the police immediately and provide a complete description of the vehicle and any property taken from it, including a license plate. Vehicles should be described by:
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Color(s)
    • VIN
    • Insurance company and policy number
    • License plate number and state
    • Name of any tracking and locator system installed in the vehicle
  • Property should be described by:
    • Type
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number
    • Fair Market Value
  • Etch your driver’s license number on all removable valuable items, e.g., audio equipment. Also etch the number on various places on the vehicle itself.
  • Keep a record of the VIN, license plate number, and insurance information in your wallet or purse. Also be able to provide the information listed above for any property that might be stolen from the vehicle.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle title (pink slip) in the vehicle.
Home Security Reminder
The Uwchlan Township Police Department would like to remind the residents to please take the time to make sure that your cars are locked at night and that you have not left any valuable items in your car within plain view of someone walking by. Also, please check and make sure that you have closed and locked your garage door each night.