Winter Weather Tips


Winter will soon be here again, and we've compiled some guidelines we are asking each resident to follow to enable our Public Works Department to perform the arduous task of clearing our streets after a snowstorm as efficiently as possible.

Our Priority

Our first priority during inclement weather is your safety. Your cooperation is needed to enable us to do our job properly. If you are aware of specific weather-related problems, please report them to the township during business hours at 610-363-9450. For evenings and weekends, please call 610-692-5100.


Once snow stops falling, residents have 24 hours to clear off their sidewalks.


Parking is prohibited on any township street during a snowstorm and until the street has been plowed for the full width. This is required by law, and violators may have their vehicles towed and be subject to a fine. This is critical on narrow streets and cul-de-sacs where maneuverability of the large plow trucks is essential.

Trash & Recycling Containers

Place trash cans and recycling containers curbside, not in the street, for any reason! Our trucks plow curb-to-curb, and your receptacles will be hit if in the street. The township will not replace them.

PennDOT Maintained Roads

Routes 100, 113, North Ship Road, North Whitford Road, and Newcomen Road are all maintained by PennDOT. To report conditions on those roads, call 484-340-3200.


Do not clear the end of your driveway until the road has been plowed from curb-to-curb. This will save you time and frustration! If your street has not been plowed curb-to-curb, it will be. Please give us time to do our jobs. It is not our intention to annoy you! Do not shovel or plow the snow from your driveway into the street. This can cause accidents, and it is illegal to do so. Any snow you put into the street will only end up back in your or your neighbor’s yard.

Stormwater Inlet Box

If you have a stormwater inlet box close to your property, try to keep it open to prevent a backup and icing conditions on the street.

Fire Hydrants

Clear the snow around the fire hydrant on your property. This could save precious time if a fire emergency occurs.

Basketball Goals

If you have a portable basketball hoop on the street, please remove it during the winter season. They should not be in the street ever, for any reason.

Mailbox Damages

The township will replace a mailbox and post if either or both are struck by the plow or damage caused by snow or ice that is thrown from the snow plow blade.The Township will replace with a standard mailbox and post. If you have a custom mailbox or ornate post the replacement will be a standard mailbox. If you believe a properly installed mailbox or post was struck by a Township vehicle, please contact the Township within 2 weeks of the storm.

Winter Deicing Tips for Residents

Excess salt and other deicing chemicals can harm aquatic life in our streams and impact drinking water supplies.  During winter months, you can help by following these environmentally-friendly snow removal practices:
  • Shovel snow before it turns to ice to limit the need for deicing chemicals like rock salt.
  • Shovel snow onto permeable surfaces including gently sloping and level landscape and grassy areas so as the snow melts it will soak into the ground rather than flow directly into a nearby storm drain or stream.
If you must use deicing chemicals, follow these suggestions:
  • After snow melts, sweep up residues, including sand, to prevent it from washing into storm drains and streams.
  • Control application of chemical deicers and avoid over application.
  • For larger areas, apply salt as a brine solution to prevent drift off of paved surfaces.
  • Limit chemical applications near environmentally-sensitive areas including springs, streams, ponds, wetlands, and water supply areas and sensitive landscape and vegetation.
  • Sand and sawdust can be used as an environmentally-friendly alternative to commonly used salt products.
  • Use salt substitutes that are less harmful including Calcium Chloride and Calcium Magnesium Acetate.