What Should Be Recycled?

This page has information on which items can be recycled. 
Glass Clear, green or brown bottles and jars (food and drink only). 
Remove all caps, lids and rings. Please rinse well.
Paper • newspapers and magazines
• advertising inserts, catalogs, junk mail and envelopes
• waxed paper, paper bags and paper grocery bags
• phone books
• paper egg cartons
• office and school papers
• wrapping paper.
Cardboard and
corrugated paper 
• Cardboard boxes
• cereal boxes
• tissue boxes
• gift boxes
• milk or juice cartons.
Aluminum cans
 and foil 
Aluminum cans for soda or alcohol . You don’t need to remove labels. Please rinse well.

Any foil must be clean. Please remove any food or other waste from the foil.
Steel and
other metallic cans
• Coffee cans
• Soup cans
• Tin and steel aerosol cans
• Any food containers.


Most plastic types can be collected. If you're unsure, it's best to throw it out. 

A note about Low Density Plastics (#4) 
These are not recycled through curbside programs. 
For example, bread bags, shopping bags and food wrapping
Plastic shopping bags can be returned to many stores for recycling.

For all containers, please remove lids and rinse well. 

Plastics #1 (PET) 
and #3 (PVC)
• Soft drink and water bottles
• peanut butter containers
• salad dressing and vegetable oil
• mouth wash
• shampoo and body wash bottles
• floor polish
Plastics #2 (HDPE)  • Clear plastic items such as milk or juice jugs
• Colored plastic bottles include laundry and dish detergents
• Bleach bottles and fabric softener bottles.
Plastics #5 (PP) • yogurt container
• syrup bottles
• ketchup bottles
• medicine bottles.
Plastics #6 (PS) • egg cartons
• clean disposable plates and cups
• meat trays
Plastics #7 or other • 3 and 5 gallon water bottles.