Uwchlan Township
Historical Commission 
  John Cadwalader House
  21 North Village Avenue
EMail Address
Mailing Address
 Uwchlan Township
 715 North Ship Road
 Exton, Pennsylvania 19341
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Uwchlan Township Historical Commission was founded in 1975 to promote historic preservation within the township and in conjuction with the National Bicentennial celebration. The commission meets in the historic John Cadwalader House located at 21 North Village Avenue on the second Thursday of each month except December. The two Township owned properties, Edith P. Moore School House and the Cadwalader House are open the first Sunday each month from April to November. Located in the Cadwalader House is the Frances Matthews Library, where historical documents from the Township’s past are archived. The facilities are also equipped with scanning equipment to preserve pictures and documents and return the originals to their owner without delay.

The Lionville Historical District was established in 1980. Presently the Historical Commission is cataloging all buildings in the township built before 1950 as required by county and state regulations..

The Uwchlan Township Tricentennial Book published in 2012 is now available for sale at the Administration Building for $30.00 per copy.  Other publications may be purchased as well.  You may order copies to be mailed with an additional cost for postage and handling.  Please call 610-363-9450 during business hours for information.
Historical Properties
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Uwchlan Township
The Uwchlan Township Historical Commission has openeings for Commission Members.
Applicants should send resume to:
        Patricia D. Gaines
        21 N. Village Avenue
        Exton, PA   19341
Applicants should include the following information:
* Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email contact.
* List of any prevoius experience with historical sites.
* Interest in Historical Preservation.
* Research Experience.
* Availability during the day.
* Availability on 2nd Thursday evening for monthly meetings.
* Availablity on the first Sunday of the month (April through November) for site coverage.
        Members are appointed for a three year term by Uwchlan Township Board of Supervisors upon
recommendations from the Uwchlan TOwnship Historical Commission.