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What should be recycled?
Newspapers,Inserts,& Junk Mail; Magazines, Catalogs & Envelopes; Paper Back Books & Phone Books; Office & School Papers (colored paper too); Boxboard (cereal, cake & cracker boxes); Paper Egg Cartons; Paper Bags (grocery type); Aluminum Cans & Clean Foil; Tin & Steel Aerosol cans (empty); Empty Glass Jars & Bottles; All Containers Labeled 1 through 7
When can I put out bulk items for trash pickup?
Each resident is permitted one bulk item per week. A bulk item could be a sofa, a chair, mattress & box spring, up to 5 bags of yard waste, or 5 bundles of tree limbs tied together with twine and no longer than 4 feet in length.
What do I do with old refrigerators?
Please call a certified freon remover to have freon drained prior to disposal. Visit www.chestercountyswa.org for additional information.
What do I do with old Paint?
The trash hauler will not take cans of paint so you can mix kitty litter or old shredded newspaper with the wet paint, stir it and let it sit until paint is absorbed by material. Dump the material in a plastic bag, seal it and place in trash can. Make sure all lids are off so trash hauler can see that there is no wet paint.
JP Mascaro & Sons observes the following holidays:
New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Ifyour pick-up falls on one of these holidays, your trash will be picked up the next day.
Where do I get a new recycling bin?
Where can I pay the sewer/trash bill?
You may mail it to P.O. Box 1540 Exton PA 19341; make payment in person at our office; or put payment in our “drop off box” in front of our building.
How are we billed for Sewer and Trash?
You are billed quarterly in arrears for sewer and/or trash services. One bill is now mailed in April with four payment tickets, one to be paid at the end of each quarter. New residents are mailed pro-rated bills based on their settlement dates after moving in. Please call our office at 610-363-9450 with any question specific to your account.
New recycling containers are available for $10/each at the Township building.
When in Doubt, Throw it Out !
    Scrap metal, pieces of wood, yard waste and children's toys are just a few of the items that "contaminate" the recyclables.  Scrap metal may be taken to a scrap dealer, yard waste should be composted and reusable children's toys may be donated or thrown away if broken.  DO NOT put them in the recycling bins.
    Plastic bags present another problem.  Recyclables should never be put in plastic bags.  Plastic bags are not recyclable in curbside programs.  Plastic shopping bags can be returned to your local grocery store and plastic trash bags should be used for trash only, not recyclables.
Yard Waste ?
Leaves- 5 bags = 1 bulk Item. Small branches must be tied into manageable sized bundles no larger than 4in in diameter & 4ft in length. 5 bundles = 1 bulk item. Tree Trunks & Large Branches will not be taken.
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Hazardous Waste Schedules
Starting January 1st, 2013, no person may dispose of a desktop, notebook computer, computer monitor or television.  Haulers will not pick them up. Residents may take them to the household hazardous waste collection setup by the county. Available dates will be posted on the calendar page when available.
Best Buy in Downingtown is currenlty accepting electronic items.
How do we recycle cardboard boxes ?
If you want cardboard boxes taken as recycling, break down all boxes to no larger than 2ft x 3ft (24" x 36"), tie in separate manageable bundles and place along side of your recycling bins. All others will be taken as trash. This is not a new rule and has been posted in the past mailings.
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Prescription Medication Disposal
Chester County residents can drop off unwanted or expired prescription medication at boxes
Collection boxes are set up at the county Justice Center and the Police Department buildings that serve East Brandywine, Kennett Square, New Garden, North Coventry, Parkesburg, Phoenixville, West Goshen, West Whiteland, Westtown, and East Goshen.