Where is Uwchlan Township located?
Our address is:
715 North Ship Road
Exton, PA 19341

Our campus is near the intersection of Route 100 and North Ship Road / Marchwood Road. The Police offices are closest to North Ship Road and Administration offices are in the gray house on the same property. If you have any questions, please call 610-363-9450.

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1. Where is Uwchlan Township located?
2. What is our governing body?
3. May I attend a township meeting?
4. What school district is Uwchlan Township in?
5. Who supplies our water?
6. Is there fluoride in the water supply?
7. I’m selling my property without a realtor, what do I need to do?
8. How do I purchase a dog license?
9. Where do I find trash and recycling information?
10. Who do I call for help with raccoons / foxes / ground hogs?