Road Occupancy Permits

This page has information about Road Occupancy Permits applications and Fees.

How to apply

Step 1: Fill out application form 

Fill out our Road Occupancy Permit application

Step 2: Calculate fees owed

Using the tables below, calculate the fees related to the project. 

Step 3: Submit application

Send completed application and payment to Bruce McKenney at 

Schedule of Fees

See the list of our fees below or Download fee schedule here 

These fees are applied to the administrative costs incurred in reviewing the application and plan(s) and issuing and processing the permit, including the preliminary review of the site location identified in the application, whether or not a permit is issued and processed. 

1. Application Fee
a) Utility$50.00
b) Driveways
    (i) minimum use (eg. single-family dwellings, apartments with five or fewer units)
   (ii) low volume (eg. office buildings, car washes) 
  (iii) medium volume (eg. motels, fast food restaurants, service stations, small shopping plazas)
  (iv) high volume (eg. large shopping centers, multi-building apartment or office complexes) 

c) Other (eg. bank removal, sidewalk and curb)$50.00
2. Supplement Fee (each six-month time extension or each submitted change)
3. Emergency Permit Card (each card)
4. Exemptions (see list below)