1. Community Events

    View calendars for events on the community and/or department level.

  2. Community News

    You can find current news and announcements regarding the organization and/or community online.

  3. Community Voice

    The Community Voice focuses on government and citizen interaction through suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and participating in conversations around community proposals.

  4. Health Alert (PDF)

    Stay healthy with with update on nationwide illness.

  5. Homeowner Resale Checklist (PDF)

    Use this checklist to see what fixes need to happen in order to sell you house.

  6. Neighborhood Links

    Browse a list of local school districts and resources.

  7. Online Payments

    Make payments online to the Sewer / Trash Department.

  8. Parks & Facilities

    Parks, facilities, and amenity listings, are sometimes available for rent or reservation online.

  9. PennDOT (PDF)

    Find out about updated Department of Transportation information.

  10. Real Estate Taxes

  11. Let us Know

    Find opportunity to submit concerns, complaints, and problems directly to the organization.

  12. Useful Resident Information

    Get season specific information about Uwchlan Township.

  13. Sewer/Trash Billing

  14. Veterans History Project

    The National Court Reporters Foundation has partnered with the United States Library of Congress in an effort to protect and preserve the rich and extensive history of U.S. Veterans.

  15. Voting Information

  16. Solicitation

    All solicitors going door to door in Uwchlan Township must have a permit card on them. This card indicates they have been approved to solicit in Uwchlan Township. If they cannot produce this card, please call the Uwchlan Township Police Department.