Bulk Items

You can put out one bulk item each week, along with your regular trash.

Items that can’t be lifted by two people won’t be collected. 

Here are some examples of bulk items: 

Sofa and Love Seat combos

These count as two bulk items - you may put one out one week, the other out the next week.

Push lawn mower

You’ll need to remove all gas and oil from the engine and leave the cap off those compartments.


About one room's worth of carpeting (up to three 4-foot rolls) counts as one bulk item.  Please make sure it is rolled and tied. 


Appliances that contain freon are collected by appointment only. Items include air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.
Please contact Eagle Disposal to schedule a pick up at 717-355-9560

Mattresses and box springs

Mattresses can be hard to dispose of and it’s good if we can recycle them instead of sending them to landfill. This is because they take up a lot of space and do not compress well.

If you need to dispose of a mattress and/or box springs, you can:

  • Ask the mattress company of your new mattress if they’ll take your old one (they can often recycle them).
  • Call us to schedule a pick up for landfill – our number is 610-363-9450

Chester County Landfill charges $25.00 per item. A mattress and a box spring counts as two items.