Bulk Items

In addition to your regular household waste, one bulk item each week is allowed under our contract. Examples of bulk items are as follows:
  • Sofa & Love Seat Combos: these constitute two bulk items - you may put one out one week, the other out the next week.
  • Push Lawn Mower: You must remove all gas and oil from the engine and leave the cap off those compartments.
  • Carpeting: one room's worth of carpeting constitutes one bulk item, however, it must be cut into four foot (4') lengths, rolled and tied. 
  • Appliances: Appliances that contain freon will be collected by appointment only. Please contact Eagle Disposal at 717-355-9560 to schedule collection. (Items include but are not limited to air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, ect.)
  • Mattresses & Box Springs: The Chester County landfill charges $25 per item for disposal. Those who place mattresses and/or box springs curbside will see that charge on their trash bill.  If you place both a mattress and box spring curbside, the charge will be $50. We strongly encourage people to have the company that sells them a new mattress and box spring take their old one. These companies are usually set up to recycle these. Mattresses are difficult to dispose of in the landfill. They take up a lot of space and are not very compressible

    .  *PLEASE call to schedule a pickup 610-363-9450.

  • Additional Instructions


    Items which are too heavy to be lifted into a truck by two people will not be accepted.